Jacob Sansbury

Senior Software Engineer


Cloud Gaming GeForce NOW

Typescript, React, React Native


  • Next Gen Oscilloscope Development

  • Typescript, React, C++, Electrical Engineering


  • Security Engineering and App Security

AWS, Golang, C++, Python, React


  1. Mad Mobile
  2. SentinelSix
  3. TCube Solutions


As a perceptive child, I felt terrible for the employees at Facebook. I honestly could not understand how they changed code for user’s profiles by hand. Later on, I was pleased to learn the making of Facebook harmed no engineers. My innocent view of the world informed one of the most important realizations of my career.

In reality, engineers build tools like React and GraphQL to simplify difficult processes. These frameworks and devices allow new developers to compound the industry’s knowledge, progressively achieving larger feats by standing on the backs of giants. Since I can remember, this view of the world has enthralled me, it seems fitting that I enjoy creating business leverage for teams and companies through programming and automation.

I have vast experience with cloud-first architecture and full-stack application engineering. Over the years, I have designed, implemented, and deployed scaleable systems for customers around the world.

We’ve all got problems; I can help you solve yours…


I’m always building something